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Contributions are not tax deductible.

Scott Wiener for State Senate LGBTQ Community Celebration!

Scott Wiener for state senate LGBTQ community celebration!

Wednesday, September 28th 7PM - 9PM
at Beaux, 2344 Market Street 

Minimum Ticket Price: $25


Meet The Host Committee:

Carnie Asada, Pat N Leather, Donna Satchet, Au Jus Sister Roma, Khmera Rouge and BeBe Sweetbria 

Christopher Berini . Ben Bleiman . Andrew Blotky . Chad Calderon . Alan Delamora . Adrian Diaz . Bobby Dunn Chris Hastings . Allen Jordan . Audrey Josepth . Chris Masterson . Chris Squires . Coma Te . Brent Tippen . Dan Cooper Don-Scott Cooper . Duncan Ley . Faisal Michael . Fred Dillon . Geoff Benjamin . Graham Schnaars . Greg Gopman Jack Sale . Jared Scherer . Jason Galisatus . Jill Federico . John Darden . Jonathan Foulk . JT O'Loughlin . Kevin John Scott Kyle Levine . Leanne Pittsford . Marc Freed-Finnegan . Martin Yeung . Nathan Payne . Nicholas George . Nicholas Gonzalez Paul Dehnert . Peter Glickstern . PJ Cherrin . Randy Stevens . Rebecca Prozan . Roby Polacek . Scott Saraceno Shaul Hamawi . Tim Eicher . Toby Quaranta . Ash Pirayou . Brian Bell . Tyler Coffey . Alex Touma . Matthew Pouliot Neal Ulrich . Tom Paulino . Luis Cano . Jay Cheng . Matt Hagenian . Jesse Woodward 
For additional Information please contact Celeste Sempere at


Paid for by Re-Elect Scott Wiener for State Senate 2020. FPPC # 1392654.

Mailing Address: 5940 College Ave., Suite F, Oakland, CA 94618